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Connect Silicon Valley events are designed to encourage conversations about faith and life and to help people consider what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The events are specifically designed as opportunities to help people on their spiritual journey both to connect with God and to each other.

Connect Silicon Valley (formerly the Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast) is in its 26th year. With nearly 1,000 attendees, the annual gathering is one of the largest annual speaker forums held in the San Francisco Bay Area focused on authentic conversations about faith and work.

Without the help of our donors, Connect Silicon Valley would not be financially viable because of the ever-increasing costs of producing these experiences. To maintain a reasonable price for our events and to provide a quality experience for our attendees, we invite individuals and companies to help us financially.

Your donation is tax deductible. The Silicon Valley Annual Breakfast is part of the Altos Christian Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The non-denominational events are neither a fundraiser nor associated with any particular church or denomination.

Connect SV Donor Opportunities

All Donor Types Incude:

  • Logo/name recognition as a CONNECTSV SUPPORTER on website
  • Logo/name recognition as a CONNECTSV SUPPORTER on pre/post-event slideshow
  • Name listed as a CONNECTSV SUPPORTER in the Annual Breakfast program
  • Up to 2 Tables of 10 for the Annual Breakfast*
  • Invitation to attend a special reception for Speakers in January
*Friend category includes all of the above with the exception of 1 Table of 10 for the Annual Breakfast